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Beauty Ritual for Summer Skin - Beauty Expert Tips - Christian Laurent

Beauty Ritual for Summer Skin - Beauty Expert Tips

Do you want glowing, radiant and sun-kissed skin? Christian Laurent® has the beauty ritual for you. Christian Laurent® is the new, exclusive skincare brand on the block, quickly making a name for ourselves globally as the one to watch. We use cutting-edge technology and only the finest, luxury ingredients, to help women and men everywhere have the skin of their dreams.

In this post we’re going to give you all the details on how you can get beautiful summer skin all year round, without even having to go in the sun. Here’s the scoop ladies and gentlemen.

If you are new to Christian Laurent® - we are based in Dubai. As you will likely know, the sun is extremely harsh and persistent here. Sun exposure is linked to skin cancer and accelerated skin aging, due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, which burn the skin, reducing elasticity, diminishing the skin proteins and damaging skin cells through oxidative stress. So if there is one thing we want to teach you about summer skin, it’s to avoid the sun and wear SFP every day!

But how can you give the illusion of summer skin, without the aging?

Christian Laurent® Luxury Illuminating Bronzing Body Balm with Gold Particles 

This body balm bronzes the skin gradually and naturally, to create an elegant and sun-kissed glow. Using our cutting-edge Bronze-Infusion 4D Technology, this product combines self-tanning DHA Molecules with 24K Gold Particles and penetrates the active ingredients deep into the epidermis, to ensure maximum absorption, so the product works effectively with every single use.

Aside from 24K Gold Particles, the product also contains Royal Caviar, Nutri-Tan Complex and Karité Butter, ingredients directly inspired by French cosmetology, to bring you a natural, golden glow.

Unlike drugstore self-tanners that create an orange, streaky appearance accompanied by a strong smell and stained clothes, this product is streak and stain-free, and infused with an alluring scent to leave skin nourished and naturally radiant.

In a clinical trial conducted by our research laboratories in Poland and France, 100% of test subjects were happy with the tanning effect of this product after 4 weeks. 

Christian Laurent® Satin Moisturising Body Milk with Gold Dust

If you do choose to go in the sun, using this product will help to enhance your tan, so that you can spend less for the same results - this helps to prevent skin damage without prohibiting sun exposure.

This product is infused with royal caviar, white pearl extract and hyaluron extract to make your skin feel moisturized with a satin touch.

Created using our unique technology, this product is able to prolong the natural secretion of melanin in the skin, while deeply regenerating the skin with hyaluron active, to transport water into the several layers of the skin, to counter the drying effect of tanning, leaving the skin plump and hydrated. This is the only product of its type on the market, and is an essential product for summer skin.

Glow this summer with Christian Laurent®. Try these products today. Shop Now. 

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