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Christian Laurent® has led the way in the latest global skin care trends. Our premium cosmetics are the definition of luxury, created by top French experts in science and technology.

Using modern and cutting-edge technology, sophisticated product formulas are created, based on luxury active ingredients like Black Orchid Molecular Extract, Caviar Complex, Bioactive Gold & Myrtle Rose Extract. Combined with elegant fragrances, to appeal to the senses, whilst also producing stunning benefits for skin.


Dermofusion 4D Technology ™

This is a innovative technology that uses the latest generation of micro transmitters, called cellular transfer enhancers, that deeply infuse the skin with active ingredients. This allows for the precise transfer of the active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, to be released gradually for maximum effects.

Scientifically advanced Dermofusion 4D Technology™ provides an intensified four-step anti- ageing action on several skin levels:

  • KORNEO-FUSION – this biomimetic formula allows the ingredients to easily pass through the barrier of the outer layers of the skin, while at the same time intensely repairing its surface. 
  • IN-FUSION – active substances synchronously penetrate successive layers of the epidermis. 
  • DIFFUSION – by evenly dispersing into the structures of the skin, the process of intensive regeneration and precise wrinkle-filling is activated.
  • ENDOFUSION – this is the process of radical improvement of the skin’s firmness and tension from the inside.


Breakthrough Technology ™

The synergistic combination of 13 technologically advanced peptides and the most effective active ingredients is the cosmetic alternative to botulinum toxin treatments (BOTOX). The innovative formula reduces wrinkles and mimic lines caused by the micro-tension of the facial muscles. The skin becomes more elastic, regenerated and the youthful structure of the face is restored.

Three synergistic systems provide the dynamic effect of dermo-reconstruction:

  • BOTU-N-LIKE FUSION relaxes wrinkles caused by micro-tension of facial muscles through blocking mimic cramps, thus effectively prevents mio ageing.
  • PEPTI-N-LIFT FUSION promotes the reconstruction of the skin’s supporting fibres, thus reduces the depth, length and width of wrinkles.
  • HYDRO-N-LOCK FUSION blocks the loss of moisture, protects against photo-ageing, improves skin cohesion and elasticity, intensely reducing visible symptoms of ageing.

These formulas take advantage of the spectacular effectiveness of our LUXURY INGREDIENTS responsible for lifting and anti-ageing action.


Lumintense ™ Whitening Complex

Christian Laurent® WHITENING is a professional programme, combining technologically advanced luxury skin care and cleansing innovative lightening treatment that counteracts excessive pigmentation and reduces skin imperfections.

Formulas are based on the unique Lumintense™ 4D Complex, which restrains process of melanin production responsible for discolorations, evens skin tone and prevents formation of new spots. Intensively moisturises, regenerates and protects against the acceleration of the skin’s ageing process.