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Does the perfect foundation exist? - Christian Laurent

Does the perfect foundation exist?

Does the perfect foundation exist? The wrong one can read too light or too dark; it can oxidise hours after application; it can slip and slide, creating annoying marks even after the lightest swipe of a finger; it can magnify shine or dryness. 
But the right foundation, a base that matches your skin tone, that offers the perfect amount of coverage, that agrees with your skin type, is something like magic. And here comes the hero - Face Adapt Luxury Foundation was created for the effect of flawless skin. It perfectly matches the skin tone – ensuring coverage and no excessive shine.

Face Adapt Luxury Foundation contains up to 60% moisturising ingredients that reduce imperfections. It causes the skin to look fresh and perfectly smooth. Comes in 3 different shades - Ivory, Vanilla and Beige. It is also vegan friendly. 

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