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What, exactly, is Micellar Water?

May 2023 | Christian Laurent

Hold the soap and water, fellow ladies, because micellar water is giving traditional cleansers a run for their money. What, exactly, is it? Some might call it a multi-tasking skincare miracle. Besides serving as a cleanser, it’s also a makeup remover, toner and a moisturiser!

Micellar water is made from two simple ingredients: soft water and micelles. When micelles  are paired with a water, it triggers the magic cleaning power. The water causes the surfactants inside the micelle to form into something with the hydrophilic heads pointing outwards at the water surrounding it, as the hydrophobic tails hide inside the huddle.

When those micelles get close to anything that isn’t water (dirt, sebum, makeup in the pores )  those tails attract and pull out all the dirt, leaving a perfectly clean skin. And hydrated!