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You don't need perfect contouring to chisel your cheekbones or apply a sharp razor flicky eyeliner; the foundation is an essential part of any makeup. Christian Laurent Face Adapt Vegan Foundation gives you a great canvas to prep your skin for a natural-looking and flawless makeup look. 

The Christian Laurent Face and Neck collection contain 60% of moisturising ingredients, which reduce the formation of new pores and imperfections. It gives you a smooth, supple, fresh look. 

The best part is that it is suitable for all skin types, even oily and acne-prone skins. The SPF components prevent oxidative damage from pollution and UV rays which can escalate the process of ageing. 

We know how pollution and harsh climatic conditions make your skin dull and tired. Our collection is infused with a Pro-prebiotics complex formula that protects the skin's microbiome. Moreover, the active molecules penetrate the skin's surface, potentially enhancing the optimum effectiveness.

Till now, you have wasted enough money and that dissatisfaction you got. We know it's unbearable. Christian Laurent's Face and Neck collection offer dire solutions to your face and neck-related problems. 

Visible results will be seen in a week hardly. Try us. It will be worth it.

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Mineral Mattifying FoundationMineral Mattifying Foundation
Face Make Up
Mineral Mattifying Foundation
AED 116.00

Mineral Mattifying Foundation
Liquid to Powder | Colour Shades 101 - 104
No Make-Up Trend

HD 4 Million Pixels Fusion Foundation in stunning Light Beige, Rose Beige, Sand Beige and Warm Beige shades. Christian Laurent® unique liquid-to-powder formula gives your skin a flawless long-lasting matte finish.


Face Adapt Vegan FoundationFace Adapt Vegan Foundation
Face Make Up
Face Adapt Vegan Foundation
AED 98.00

Face Adapt Correcting and Adapting Luxury Foundation

30 ML
Face Adapt | 03. Beige
No Make-Up Trend

Face Adapt Luxury Foundation was created for the effect of flawless skin. It perfectly matches the skin tone – ensuring coverage and no excessive shine.