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The Christian Laurent® Diamond Collection – Édition de Luxe - Christian Laurent

The Christian Laurent® Diamond Collection – Édition de Luxe

Do you want glowing, radiant, luxurious skin? We know the answer is yes. That’s why at Christian Laurent® we created our Diamond Collection, designed with you in mind. You deserve to enjoy the skin of your dreams and this iconic collection will help you achieve it.

In this blog we are going to introduce you to the two best selling products in the Diamond Collection - the Superconcentrated Tightening Diamond Serum and the Luxury Firming and Rejuvenating Diamond Cream. Keep reading to learn how to use the products for best results.

About Christian Laurent®

Christian Laurent® is an exclusive, luxury brand of premium facial and body care cosmetics, developed by cosmetologists in research laboratories in Poland and France. Our products have been carefully curated based on the latest skincare science using modern, cutting-edge technology, to bring each of our customers the skin of their dreams.

We have consistently exceeded the expectations of what can be achieved through skincare, which has granted us recognition within the field, awarding us the International Success of the Year 2019, LMR Super Luxury Brand of the Year 2018 and more. We are committed to revolutionize skincare, redefining luxury.

The Diamond Collection

The Diamond Collection is our best selling collection, due to the unique and powerful products the collection entails - the Superconcentrated Tightening Diamond Serum and the Luxury Firming and Rejuvenating Diamond Cream

The Superconcentrated Tightening Diamond Serum

This opulent serum has been created with the highest quality active ingredients found in skincare, including:

  • Diamond Dust - this lavish ingredient rejuvenates and illuminates the skin
  • 24K Gold - gold has powerful anti-wrinkle capabilities, moisturizing the skin and smoothing out fine lines
  • Argireline and Proneuro Boost Complex - this innovative technology has the power to decontract mimic muscles, helping the skin appear relaxed and lifted
  • Platinum - this ingredient deeply nourishes the skin, creating an even, radiant complex.

When this serum is smoothed onto the skin, it relaxes the muscles of the face, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles and immediately tightening the areas of the face prone to ageing, specifically the eye, lip and crow’s feet.

This transformative serum will revitalize your youthful radiance. Use every morning and evening after cleansing, gently pat serum into skin and enjoy an instant awakening.

The Luxury Firming and Rejuvenating Diamond Cream

This rich firming and rejuvenating cream works in conjunction with the serum to further enhance the benefits of each. This cream relaxes mimic wrinkles, smoothes the appearance of fine lines and instantly tightens the skin to create a plump, youthful appearance.

This cream contains:

  • Diamond Dust
  • 24K Gold 
  • Platinum

As in the serum, with added ingredients to further transform the skin. These include:

  • Neuropeptides - this ingredient combats the ageing process by interrupting the breakdown of collagen
  • Resveratrol - this ingredient acts as an antioxidant to fight signs of ageing, texture and pigmentation, to reveal firm, radiant skin

Use this product daily in the morning and evening after cleansing, massaging into the face and décolleté until absorbed. When used regularly, the Diamond Collection will transform your skin helping to reverse ageing, rejuvenate and reveal your skin’s true radiance. 

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