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Mineral Mattifying FoundationMineral Mattifying Foundation
Face Make Up
Mineral Mattifying Foundation
AED 116.00

Mineral Mattifying Foundation
Liquid to Powder | Colour Shades 101 - 104
No Make-Up Trend

HD 4 Million Pixels Fusion Foundation in stunning Light Beige, Rose Beige, Sand Beige and Warm Beige shades. Christian Laurent® unique liquid-to-powder formula gives your skin a flawless long-lasting matte finish.


Face Adapt Vegan FoundationFace Adapt Vegan Foundation
Face Make Up
Face Adapt Vegan Foundation
AED 98.00

Face Adapt Correcting and Adapting Luxury Foundation

30 ML
Face Adapt | 03. Beige
No Make-Up Trend

Face Adapt Luxury Foundation was created for the effect of flawless skin. It perfectly matches the skin tone – ensuring coverage and no excessive shine.