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The 24K Gold Lift Up™ Technology is the innovative technology which naturally fills and shapes the bust, thanks to the latest generation of firming and tightening complexes: Hyaluronic Threads and particles of pure 24K Gold that, while penetrating into the skin, intensely stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibers and supporting tissues, increasing bust volume and lift.

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Diamond Serum for Eye, Forehead and Lip AreaDiamond Serum for Eye, Forehead and Lip Area
Face Care
Diamond Serum for Eye, Forehead and Lip Area
AED 142.00

Superconcentrated Tightening Diamond Serum
Eye, Forehead and Lip Area

Innovative formula of triple-concentrated serum effectively relaxes the muscles of the face, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles.

24K Gold Lifting Facial Mask
Face Care
24K Gold Lifting Facial Mask
AED 28.00

Luxury Illuminating and Lifting 24K Gold Facial Mask


The cream-mask is an exclusive treatment that immediately improves skin tension and radiance.

Body Firming SerumBody Firming Serum
Body Care
Body Firming Serum
AED 102.00

Infusion Body Firming and Lifting Serum
Night Only

This lightweight formula effectively shapes the silhouette and promotes collagen production to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye and Eyelid CreamAnti-Wrinkle Eye and Eyelid Cream
Face Care
Anti-Wrinkle Eye and Eyelid Cream
AED 98.00

Infusion 24K Gold Anti-Wrinkle Eye and Eyelid Cream
With Black Rose

Bring back your glow! The revitalising power of the specially selected ingredients reinforces the delicate skin around the eyes, intensely reducing the symptoms of ageing, fatigue and stress.

Rejuvenating Cream 65+Rejuvenating Cream 65+
Face Care
Rejuvenating Cream 65+
AED 131.00

Infusion Rejuvenating Cream reducing Deep Wrinkles 65+
Day and Night

Intense anti-wrinkle care for the skin after the age of 65 in a break-through, scientifically advanced formula!

Anti-Wrinkle Cream 55+Anti-Wrinkle Cream 55+
Face Care
Anti-Wrinkle Cream 55+
AED 131.00

Infusion Anti-Wrinkle Cream Restoring Skin Density 55+
Day and Night

Noticeably restored, smooth skin without wrinkles after the age of 55 at your fingertips.

Bust Tightening and Firming CreamBust Tightening and Firming Cream
Body Care
Bust Tightening and Firming Cream
AED 143.00

Bust Tightening and Firming Concentrate
24K Gold

Exceptionally effective concentrated luxury formula inspired by globally trending aesthetic treatments, tightens the skin on the bust area, while beautifully firming and enhancing its shape.