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The innovative technology uses cutting-edge micro transmitters that infuse the skin with advanced lifting and firming ingredients. Active substances (Hyaluronic Threads, Matrixyl® 3000 Peptide, 24K Gold and Spirulina) are released in the areas requiring extra care, intensely reinforcing the supporting tissues of the skin and spectacularly improving its density.

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Body Firming SerumBody Firming Serum
Body Care
Body Firming Serum
AED 102.00

Infusion Body Firming and Lifting Serum
Night Only

This lightweight formula effectively shapes the silhouette and promotes collagen production to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Moisturizing Body MilkMoisturizing Body Milk
Body Care
Moisturizing Body Milk
AED 99.00

Satin Moisturizing Body Milk with Golden Dust
24K Satin Glow

This nourishing formula delivers long-lasting hydration and locks moisture into dry skin. Indulge yourself in our luxurious 24K Gold-infused body milk for a radiant, summer glow.

Micellar Water with Colloidal GoldMicellar Water with Colloidal Gold
Skin Care
Micellar Water with Colloidal Gold
AED 86.00

Luxury Micellar Water with Colloidal Gold
Face & Eyes Make-Up Remover

Professional product for removal of even waterproof face and eyes make-up as well as thorough cleansing of any skin type, thanks to PURE CELLULAR FUSION™ technology.

Lifting Cream with Pro-retinol 45+Lifting Cream with Pro-retinol 45+
Face Care
Lifting Cream with Pro-retinol 45+
AED 131.00

Infusion Lifting Wrinkle Filler Cream with Pro-retinol 45+
Day and Night

Discover the secret to youthful, resilient skin with our INTEGRAL VOLUMETRIC RETINO-LIFTING technology.

Moisturizing Cream 35+Moisturizing Cream 35+
Face Care
Moisturizing Cream 35+
AED 131.00

Infusion Intensely Moisturizing Cream against First Wrinkles 35+
Day and Night

This cream is perfectly suitable for all skin types especially for normal to oily skin types. This solution is ideal to combat the first signs of wrinkles.

Active Regenerating Night CreamActive Regenerating Night Cream
Face Care
Active Regenerating Night Cream
AED 131.00

Active Regenerating and Reinforcing Cream
Night Only

Wake up to beautifully radiant skin. Our unique formula guarantees a multidirectional effect of skin renewal and regeneration in harmony with its natural chrono cycle.